Hello, welcome to Taingtiques! 

What does a person do when they break their arm at 50, take a bit of leave from their professional career and realise they have no particular wish to go back? Well, start an online shop of course!

Well it's not really as simple as that and definitely not the easy option, but I have never looked back since starting "Taingtiques" six years ago. It allows me to indulge a passion for antiques and vintage collectables, be my own boss, meet some wonderful people - whether buyers, fellow dealers or auctioneers, and just get the satisfaction of providing great objects to happy customers. I think of my arm injury as the break I needed!

Things have moved on in that time. I started in Shetland, naming the business after the coastal headland next to our house, called "The Taing". For family reasons we moved last year to the equally lovely but very different rural village of Threapwood on the English/Welsh border near Malpas, Cheshire. This has given me a fantastic opportunity to diversify the business - I no longer focus exclusively on metalware and cutlery (although it still has an important place), but have introduced ceramic collectables, books and jewellery. Together with my husband Steve, I also run a stall nearby at the Whitchurch Antiques Emporium, where we thoroughly enjoy our direct contact with customers.

Taingtiques has an established online presence on eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram under the same name.

Most of the products available in this store can also be obtained from our Etsy shop where we have 5 star status in our product reviews. See us at: